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E Faith... congrats on your new album... terrific! Was wondering if you knew where I could get some music by 3 Scoops of Aloha (dey had one great version of "He Ono" and also looking for "Sweet Lady of Waiahole")... any idea where I can track this down? Do you know whateva happen to dem?

Faith Ako's picture

I do not know about that particular group, check with, or Keola Donaghey on Facebook, he might know? Hope this helps, aloha!

Randy Mathews's picture

Aloha Faith!

I put your new album on my Christmas "wish list," and was delighted to get it--but not as delighted as I was when I heard it. Maika'i! What a wonderful recording it is! I've been a fan of yours for a while, but I think this is my new fave. Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next one!

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Talofa Faith here i am on yur page site..



Michi Moore's picture

I've been a big fan of the wonderfully talented and beautiful, Faith! Her versatility in all genres of music captures my heart and I encourage everyone to hear the incredible songstress!  God bless you all and have a beautiful new year!

Justin's picture

Since '00 I've had the privilege of experiencing Faith's leo as po'e hula and a spectator. For those of us living away from the 'aina her music brings us back to our native elements. From the North Shore of O'ahu to the Bay Area you have made us all proud Aunty!

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Just look at this beautiful picture of the lovely Faith Ako!!!  She is amazing and sings and plays just as beautifully as she looks.  Faith's new album is dynamite!  You have to get it.I love watching you play on your special ukelele ....she is sharing her love of her culture and the beautiful islands in such a way that you can just imagine being there while you listen to her melodic voice. It makes me long to go back home.  Mahalo Faith for sharing your friendship and your love.  

Chris 's picture

Aloha Faith!
It was great to meet and talk story with you at the Academy
Of Hawaiian Arts A Perfect 10 performance. There's nothing better
than a live performance with Kumu Mark, the Academy of Hawaiian
Arts dancers and additional musicians to produce a stellar performance.
Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
Mahalo nui loa!

Tutu's picture

Aloha e Faith,

I am so happy to receive your new CD "Kulaiwi" as a Christmas present from my hula sister, loved it!  listened to it many, many times.  After I had a chance to meet you, spent a few hours with you made me realize there is a beautiful, generous, kind person behind the talent.  We are lucky that you are in the Bay Area whereby we are able to enjoy Hawaiian music without having to go afar.

Looking forward to seeing you again! 

Bill Dean's picture

We in Santa Cruz are sooo happy and excited that you will be coming back to do another show in April.  Fortunately I get to see you 7 or more times a year, but still NOT ENOUGH.  For as we know,  there is no such thing as "too much Faith".  See you soon my friend.  Alofa

M Tautua Meyers's picture

GOT TO HAVE FAITH! eh Faith, HOWZIT?! My son Aulelio came home with a CD he borrowed from a friend and while putting it on he said "GOT TO HAVE THIS CD!" When I heard it, it took me back! MAHALO SISTAH!

Linda Ueda's picture

Faith, you're the best.  I love your beautiful voice, your wonderful "local girl" down home humor, big big heart for everyone and everything and also and maybe mostly being able to call you my friend!

Congratulations on your new Album.  I love hearing your voice as I drive down the highways of California.  Daryl and  I want to meet for dinner with you and your sweet husband!   Let us know when "can"!

Much Aloha, 


Pua's picture

Love your new CD Faith! Your angelic voice is a gift to everyone who has the pleasure of hearing you sing! Much Aloha to you as you continue on your beautiful journey of sharing your mele with all of us!!

Kahealeani Emma's picture

     Akoha Aco-san :) It was nice to meet you in Osaka last November. we were impressed by your beautiful voice!! wa should practice more to become like you. we are looking forward to seeing you next time. Mahalo nui loa. Emma       

CAPELLA ALO's picture

Aloha Faith!!

It was an honor meeting you and listening to your beautiful music here in Osaka, Japan!!  Wherever the islanders go, we always have a look out for each other when in a foreign country,aye!! So glad Tuika told us about your tour to Osaka!!  Keep singing and serenading us with your beautiful voice and lovely personalitly!!!  Let us know when you heading back our way soon!!  Malama pono!!


Nozomi Katsuragi's picture

Aloha AKO

How are you?

I`m good.

I hope to see you.


Anakalia's picture

For the past decade-plus, I have been privileged to not only hear Faith Ako's music and her beautiful voice, but also to enjoy her company on many occasions. Each of the CD's that she has released surpasses the one before it; more talented, more polished and more beautiful. Thank you Faith for enriching my musical world!

Joan St Clair's picture

Hearing your voice singing makes my heart smile...seeing your smile melts all my insides...Love you always...thanks for the Love back.


Bale Tuisavura's picture

I love listening to your sweet beautiful voice! make us proud!

Oya Shoichiro 's picture

Faith Ako San *;))

It's been a long time to see you ;) how are you doing !?
Thank you for coming to our Hawaiian cafe MAULOA in Osaka. We had a great time with your music! it was great show and awesome music! Well, we've moved the place and it's much crosser to Osaka station. It's smaller and much cosier than last place ;)
By the way, I finally got your New album and Yes!! I absolutely loved it *;))
It was so great to meet you and if you have a chance to visit in Japan again, We definitely want you to come to our new place ;)

I hope to see you soon !!!!

Kathy's picture

Not only is Faith a BEAUTIFUL human being but she has the sweetest and best voice we've ever heard!!  We he felt that since the first time we heard her sing and when I later was fortunate to meet her!!  Talent doesn't get any better!!!  MAHALO NUI LOA, FAITH, for sharing your great gift with all of u!!!

God Bless You & Your Ohana!!

HUGS & AOHA from John & Kathy (Santa Cruz)!!


Caroline Nielsen's picture

Just found out you will be in Petaluma at McNears.... we have the date on the calendar and are so excited.  July 6th..... see you there.  Caroline    ( Mrs. Nielsen) 

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