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John Harding Armstrong School, Westborough Mass., awesome kids!

What a fantastic, enthusiastic, exciting group of musically talented and smart elementary students, grades K-3 that I got to meet in Boston! All 400 of them, oh yes as I shared their passion for the ukulele. The questions they asked about the hula implements, the stories behind the art of hula to the making of the ukulele? Very smart little intellectual ones I might add, I enjoyed them immensely daily with their smiles, constant shifting of restlessness around each other on the cafeteria floor. Ready and willing to grab their ukuleles in a heartbeat along with their teachers and rock n roll with it~ Students favorite part of the day, learning a noho sit down hula and touching the hula implements I brought to share with them about the art and history of hula.
BUT of course they have a wonderful music teacher, Ms. Karin Puffer who took my ukulele workshop in Martha's Vineyard,  and that explains why they are great!
Such a wonderful experience, mahalo piha to Westborough School District, Principal John Mendes, Karin Puffer, Chris Martin, Pam Yanco, Jess Matthews for the ALOHA~ (photos/video coming soon)




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