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Ku Kahi Album Notes

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Mana'o, Kaona, Liner Notes

Kukahi Album Release, 3/7/2007

I grew up in Hawai'i in a large Polynesian family. Music has always been a big part of my family's traditions and cultural heritage. We were always singing and playing music around the house and also at church.
As a young girl in the 60's and 70's, all I listened to was good 'ole rock-n-roll. During my high school and college years I broadened my taste in music and continued to develop my skills as a lead vocalist and piano player. Today I enjoy oldies from the Motown era as well as styles of female artists such as Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Rait, Norah Jones, Natalie Cole.
Beginning in the 70's there was a real resurgence of appreciation for traditional Hawaiian music in Hawai'i, an appreciation I didn't share until I moved to California in the early 80's. Since then I have played and sang Hawaiian and Polynesian music in several San Francisco bands, have enjoyed relationships with several prominent hula halaus, and can really jam on my Les Reitfors tenor 8 string ukelele.
This album means alot to me and not just because it's my first solo album. The songs are my favorites from the halaus with whom I've been associated. The introductory chant is the welcoming of a new day, symbolic of my new solo career. This album also fufills a lifelong dream and supports my goal of helping preserve and promote the wonderful music of the Hawaiian people.
This album is dedicated to my grandparents Muelu and Penina Une Meatoga, and my parents Arthur F. and Felila Meatoga Thompson.

O Ua Ao
Kauluwehi O Ke Kai
Firemen's Hula
Hilo One
Kaua'i Medley
Ta'apeape Papa
Uwehe Ami and Slide
Papalina Lahilahi
Pua Ahihi
E Nihi Ka Hele
Ka Uapo I Ka Poli
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
You Make It Hard

Producer/Engineer-Tarvin Makia, Meleohana Records Kihei Maui
Mix/Master-Tarvin Makia, Rob Tsuhako
Album Title, Kaona/Mana insights-Keola Donaghey, Kumu Hula Shawna Alapa'i
Musicians-Tarvin Makia, Kumu Hula Shawna Alapa'i, Alan Villaren, Gilbert Emata, Faith Ako, Wayne Kamakeeaina
Art Director-Kurtis Ako
Graphic Design-Creekmore Behasa Designs, ScottAG Graphic Designs
Album Photo Cover-Alan Fong Photography, Kihei Maui

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