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Papaku, Bring It Home Album Notes

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Wayne Harada Honolulu Advertiser
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Grammy Award for 2009 Entries​ 
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Mana'o, Kaona, Liner Notes

Papaku, Bring It Home

Aloha Mai~
Papaku was another musical dream of mine awaiting to awaken and come to life for me at a different time and place on my musical journey.

Papaku means a strong, upright solid foundation, as of the earth; a floor, as of the ocean; a bed, as of a stream. For me, this represents my foundation of strength and home.

As we all get busy in our lives,the simplest pleasures I find that keep us going are usually what we find at home, which "Bring It Home" is the true meaning behind this album.

The songs on this album represent that to me, from traditional to island contemporary styles, they take you home and remind you of what's important.

Enjoy this gift of meles from my home to yours.

This album was inspired by and dedicated to my granddaughter, Saige Taumanuula Ako.

E Waianae
E Ku'ulei, E Ku'uipo
Hilo Town Medley
Puia Ka Nahele
Holo Wa'apa
Waipi'o/Hi'ilawe Medley
Tele I'a O Le Sami/Let Me Hear You Whisper
Ku'u Ipo I Ka He'e Pu'e One
E Revi, E Revi E
Maui Sunset
Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying

Recorded at Meleohana Recording Studio, Kihei Maui-Tarvin Makia
Mix/Master - Tom Martinez, Tarvin Makia
Musicians - Alan Villaren, Tarvin Makia, Gilbert Emata, Raul Guerra, Faith Ako
Album Photo Cover - Ed Aiona Photography, Santa Rosa CA.


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